The above photo is of Philadelphia, PA where Hill enlisted into the Naval Reserve on August 25, 1943 at a recruitment center .

During World War II, people started to donate any scraps towards the war effort that they could. For instance, metal for bombs, ammunition, guns, and battleships, rubber for life rafts and cars, paper, fats, and tin.

Pennsylvania contributed much towards the war effort. This state was the leading producer of crucial resources, like coal and steel, that was needed to win the war. Many worked in factories, while others collected scraps, like metal and rubber tires, to donate to the cause.


World War II created much change for industries, citizens, and politics in urban areas in the United States. The war especially had a transforming effect on the Philadelphia region since it gained new stimulus from government orders for supplies, transportation, armaments, and more.


Approximately 1.25 million citizens from Pennsylvania served in the war. Pennsylvania also supplied 31 percent of the United States steel and 20 percent worldwide production during WWII.

This is a tabulation by counties and types of casualties from Pennsylvania during WWII Approximately 15,964 citizens from PA were Killed in Action during the war.

People had to start rationing during WWII due to shortages of food like sugar, butter, bacon, and canned milk, which had a huge impact on the cooking of everyday meals and growth of the children. Other things were rationed too like gasoline for the war effort since the war disrupted trade. People were also given ration books 

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