Ira Lew Hill was born in 1925 and never married. His parents names were Ira Lester Hill (1902-1982) and Sarah Catherine Hill (1905-1997), Sarah's maiden name was Wagner. His fathers occupation was a contractor in the painting industry. He had two older siblings, a brother named Lester Ernest Hill (1921-1994) and a sister, Betty Jane Hill (1924-2013). Their home address was 214 Hill Rd., Wernersville, Berks, PA. When WWII began in 1939, he was about 13 years of age, but when he enlisted in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1943 he was 17 years of age.

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald was published in 1925. This novel talked about class struggles, excess wealth, and the breakdown of the American dream. The novel gained popularity and recognition during World War II since it was handed out to soldiers for entertainment. 

This is the home where the family of five lived at in Wernersville, Pennsylvania.

In the 1930s, it was dominated by the Great Depression and Dust Bowl that occurred in United States and the rise of Nazi Germany in Europe (left is a photo during the Great Depression and the right is a photo of the Dust Bowl).